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Bits & Pieces (Bulk Discount)

Bits & Pieces (Bulk Discount)
Bits & Pieces (Bulk Discount)
Bits & Pieces (Bulk Discount)
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Due to increased demand, please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Bulk Bags of Premium Jerky Pieces

These bits & pieces are too small for our regular retail bags, but consist of the same premium beef jerky at a discounted price. Save 25% on 1-pound bags while supplies last!

Bits & piecesBits & pieces

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is New Mexico beef jerky?

Traditional carne seca is a lightweight, crispy dried-meat snack with a different taste and texture than the greasy beef sticks often sold in grocery stores.

Our beef jerky is thinly sliced and fully dehydrated, giving it a crisp snap when you bite into it. It's not soft and chewy like commercial brands.

What kind of beef do you use?

Our beef jerky is made from USDA Choice top round beef to provide our customers with impeccable quality and value in every bag.

Does your jerky contain nitrates, nitrites, or other preservatives?

All of our beef jerky is free of added nitrates and nitrites; however, our Red Chile Teryiaki flavor does contain trace amounts (0.001%) of sodium benzoate as a preservative.

Is your beef jerky good for diabetics or keto diets?

Most of our flavors have zero carbs and are 100% sugar-free; however, our Red Chile Teryiaki flavor does contain high-fructose corn syrup as part of the teriyaki marinade.

How is your beef jerky made?

We start by trimming the beef by hand, then slice it using a deli-style meat slicer. The slices are arranged in stainless steel trays and spices are applied to both sides of the beef to ensure consistent flavoring in each bite.

The trays are then placed in our own custom-made ovens and cooked at low temperature to slowly draw out moisture, replicating the traditional sun-dried method of making New Mexico beef jerky (carne seca).

The result is a thin, crispy, flavorful snack that can be enjoyed anywhere!

How long does beef jerky last?

Our jerky is fully dehydrated and sealed in air-tight packaging immediately after it's cooked, extending its official shelf life to 8 months. While properly-stored beef jerky may stay fresh for much longer, we recommend eating it before the expiration date printed on the back of each bag.

Where can I buy Old Santa Fe Trail Beef Jerky near me?

Our jerky is sold at retail stores throughout the southwest, including select Albertson's, Walmart, and Allsups locations. We also operate our own retail storefront on Route 66 in Albuqerque, New Mexico.